Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality olive oil and is produced entirely by mechanical means, without the use of chemicals or solvents.In order for an olive oil to be classified as extra virgin, it must be kept below 85 degrees F at all times throughout the manufacturing process (hence the term “cold pressed”). Our EVOO is held to the highest of standards and goes through extensive testing so that we can be sure you are getting the superior product that you deserve!

Fused Olive Oils

Fused Olive Oils are created by crushing the olives together with the fruit, herbs, or peppers. For example, the Blood Orange Olive Oil is made by crushing fresh, ripe olives together with juicy ripe blood oranges. The outcome is a strong, citrusy flavored olive oil that brings new life to your dishes! We currently have 5 Fused olive oils to choose from.

Infused Olive Oils

Infused Olive Oils start out with a pure, 100% extra virgin olive oil base, and are then infused with a natural plant based flavoring. For example, the Dill Olive Oil begins as just a plain extra virgin olive oil, and then the dill flavoring is added to create the Dill Infused Olive Oil that we all know and love.

Gourmet Oils